Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Reviews

Programme Overview

What is a SEND Review?

A SEND review looks at how your school is supporting its SEND pupils. The purpose of the review is to improve your school’s SEND strategy, so that you spend the available funding on approaches shown to be effective in improving the achievement of SEND pupils, leading to good outcomes.

The reviews will be for all phases and settings and their purpose is to help ensure all children and young people, reach their potential and achieve the skills and qualifications that they need for successful transition, further education and employment.

What is involved?

SEND Reviews can take many forms and are tailored to the needs of the booking school. A 2-day review involves data collection, interviewing of relevant pupils, staff and governors/trustees and the writing of a report with recommendations. A more intensive package can also be arranged which would additionally provide support with the implementation of the recommendations.

The SEND Review Guide

A SEND Review guide, funded by the Department for Education and produced by teachers and school leaders, is available to download on ConnectEd Partnership’s website www.connectedpartnership.com in the ‘School to School Support’ area. It can be used by all schools to audit their own SEND provision and is most powerful when used as part of a programme of school to school support. 

Commissioning a Review

Schools can commission school to school review at any time if they wish to improve their school’s SEND strategy. All schools should consider whether they could benefit from the fresh perspective of an experienced system leader, to help them implement new approaches or improve current provision to help raise the attainment of their SEND pupils. ConnectEd Partnership currently have 2 system leaders trained through the London Leadership Strategy (LLS).

Please complete an ‘Initial Request Form’ available on the website and a designated reviewer will contact you to discuss your requirements and plan the review at your school.

Venue, Costs & Booking Information


The review will be led by a ConnectEd Partnership designated SEND reviewer at a cost of £350 per day.

Further Information

Please contact Harinder Jandu, ConnectEd Partnership.

Harinder.jandu@connectedpartnership.com Tel: 01902 290152

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