EARLY CAREER FRAMEWORK (Including Early Career Development Programme and Appropriate Body Services from September 2022)

In September 2021, new statutory guidance relating to the induction of Early Career Teachers (ECTs, previously NQTs) came into effect entitling them to a 2-year training and support programme underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF).  Please click here to read an overview of the ECF and what this will mean for your school.

The ECF includes an entitlement for all ECTs in England to access high-quality professional development at the start of their career. There are 3 approaches to enable the delivery of an ECF-based induction. Schools can choose:

Option 1: a funded provider-led programme

Option 2: to deliver their own training using DfE-accredited materials and resources

Option 3: to design and deliver their own ECF-based induction

It is up to school leaders to choose the approach that best suits the needs of their early career teachers and mentors.

Best Practice Network/ConnectEd’s Early Career Development Programme

ConnectEd Partnership is working in collaboration with Best Practice Network (one of the 6 providers accredited by the DfE) as a delivery partner of the ECF Development Programme. The programme will be delivered locally and facilitated by leaders from Partnership schools.  Please click here for further information on our programme.

City of Wolverhampton Council/ConnectEd’s Appropriate Body Services

ConnectEd Partnership is working in collaboration with The City of Wolverhampton Council to offer Appropriate Body Services to all schools.  Please click here for further information on the Appropriate Body Services.

A webinar is available to download here

To download a recording of our on-line briefing – 

 Early Career Framework ‘What schools need to know’

click here

Register your ECT(s) with City of Wolverhampton Council/ConnectEd's Appropriate Body

Appropriate Body Support Package options

Click here to download the ECT registration form for ECTs starting in September 2022.

Register your ECT(s) with DfE, Best Practice Network and ConnectEd's ECT Core Induction Programme here

September 22

ECT/ECM registration process:

The DfE step-by-step guidance can be accessed here.

School Induction Tutors must register their ECTs and Mentors on the DfE Online Service (BPN then collect additional details directly from the ECTs and ECMs to enable allocation to their local training group)

Not yet registered with BPN?

If your school has not yet had an ECT, or is changing Lead Provider to Best Practice Network, you will be prompted with instructions  for next steps within the DfE Online Service

If your school has not yet had an ECT or is changing Lead Provider, the school will also need to register with Best Practice Network via the BPN website School’s registration form

Things to note

Schools already working with Best Practice Network do not need to re-register with BPN

Schools do not need to re-register ECTs and ECMs moving into the second year of their ECF programme

Timeline for Sept 22

Once Induction Tutors have input the ECT and ECM details into the DfE online service, the ECTs/ECMs will be sent a follow-on BPN registration form to capture additional information.

Upon completion of the registration form your ECT and ECMs will be sent a welcome pack which will include preparatory information about the ECF programme, their ECT/ECM Handbook as well as a list of links to register themselves for their Induction Conference.


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